Solatube NightLight

 New Solatube ISn Daylighting Systems

What is it and why does it matter?

Our brand new member of the Solatube family, the integrated Solar Powered Nightlight, is finally here! You might be thinking, who cares? First of all, we appreciate your honesty. Second, I'm going to tell you why you SHOULD care a lot about this:

  1. It is affordable and easy to install. It only adds $50 to your bottom line! It won't take our installers long at all to add it to your system. Installation of the Solatube only takes about an hour and half to two hours, anyways! 
  2. It is going to come in super handy when you are need to get up at night and get a glass of water, go to the bathroom, check and make sure the doors are locked, etc. You don't need to jar your senses by turning on bright lights- the Solatube nightlight will be enough to help you see and let your eyes adjust slowly. This will also make it easier for you to fall back asleep. 
  3.  The best part: since the integrated nightlight is creating an active solar energy, the government is giving us a 30% federal tax credit for each unit installed. You read that right! So lets say you install a 10" unit with a nightlight. An average price for this unit with installation and a nightlight is $700. Thirty percent of labor & installation costs is $200! Essentially, your Solatube only costs $500! 
  4. The government has NOT put a limit on the number of units you can install for the tax credit! I know this is going to sound like a sales pitch, but honestly, why would you wait to have the Solatube installed? Do it before the end of the year to get your tax credit in 2017- they are more affordable than ever! 

(For anyone that doesn't know, we do free quotes for most cities in Central Texas, and they usually only take about 20 minutes.)

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You can learn more about all of our Solatube products by visiting our SolarTex website here